Will Vy Survive Extreme Date Night? Surprising my friends with Romantic Viral TikTok Hacks

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Chad Wild Clay

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After Chad Wild Clay made "SURPRISING MY BEST FRIEND WITH HIS SECRET CRUSH! I Tested Viral TikTok Date Hacks", Vy Qwaint created "VALENTINE'S DAY RUINED by Stalker Chef! My Best Friend's Secret Crush Arrives for Date Night!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "COPYING MY BEST FRIEND ALL DAY for 24 Hours", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "IF YOU FALL in ROBLOX TOWER... Best Friend Reveals Girlfriend Secrets", the Spy Ninjas still need to figure out who the stalker is! A lot of Spy Ninjas think that it is the chef who ruined Daniel and his girlfriend, Alie's, date. Is the chef our biggest fan? Or was it Regina Ginera just feeling Jelly? Alie is asking the Spy Ninjas to make videos for her since she is such a big fan. The challenges include copying my best friend for 24 hours, becoming mermaids in real life, and Roblox gaming videos. Since the chef ruined Chad and Vy's date, Regina, Daniel and Melvin surprise them with the most romantic date ever! They play the couples yoga challenge, the tik tok couples challenge, and the who knows me better challenge. Maybe Chad and Vy will have their first on camera kiss! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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Chad Wild Clay
Chad Wild Clay 2 månader sedan
It's finally here! The DATE Vy has been waiting for! What was your favorite date activity in this video?
tirese24 13 dagar sedan
@Saroja Subramanian Taylor you please give me a Hi
jenny twigg
jenny twigg Månad sedan
But we could swim but she can she swim in the pool and it is sad
Dalton Thompson
Dalton Thompson Månad sedan
@faze destroyer l I will check rolls please biggest fan
Katina Nanan
Katina Nanan 2 månader sedan
Fatima Reis
Fatima Reis 2 månader sedan
Hi I 'my mara i love you so much.
Adriana Annetty
Adriana Annetty 17 timmar sedan
Sueldo de tu chingada gana y lo despachen manches hay Find So Wish actual España ya el chofer sito mi
Veronica Thompson
Veronica Thompson Dag sedan
Ahlaan Warsame
Ahlaan Warsame Dag sedan
Chaaaaaaaaaad issssss datiiiiiiiiiing vyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dududududu
Abagail Rodriguez
Abagail Rodriguez Dag sedan
Abagail Rodriguez
Abagail Rodriguez Dag sedan
I love this marriage if you guys divorced l am going to be sad 🥺
Yaciela Bermudez axume
Yaciela Bermudez axume Dag sedan
Abdullah Atif
Abdullah Atif 2 dagar sedan
Abdullah Atif
Abdullah Atif 2 dagar sedan
Ryan Kumar
Ryan Kumar 2 dagar sedan
When regina was singing it sounded like funf
andy cheung
andy cheung 2 dagar sedan
Life Of Daniel
Life Of Daniel 2 dagar sedan
I like all you guys
Jazz Joshua
Jazz Joshua 2 dagar sedan
Daniel need help
Mariam Kdouh
Mariam Kdouh 2 dagar sedan
💛😙😚. 👱🏻‍♀️🤗😍
teresa balbuena
teresa balbuena 2 dagar sedan
Así te jsfayataishsysbvdshsj fa y no te espero con ganas de té el eiwip de la casa de la amistad 😊 en la esquina de té e y el pelo a uzkdkdgjñegjñdkdfjdjvdzlveeieg
Montaveous Williams
Montaveous Williams 2 dagar sedan
Daniel's need help
Marilyn Rosas
Marilyn Rosas 2 dagar sedan
horse radish hepnitized him to be mean but hes back to normal help him
Marilyn Rosas
Marilyn Rosas 2 dagar sedan
daniel needs help help him
Marilyn Rosas
Marilyn Rosas 2 dagar sedan
daniel needs help
Scooter kid
Scooter kid 2 dagar sedan
Daniel need help
Kristian Mendoza
Kristian Mendoza 2 dagar sedan
Chad vy melvin regina daniel need s Help
jayden playzzz !!!
jayden playzzz !!! 2 dagar sedan
Abraham Chavez
Abraham Chavez 3 dagar sedan
Chad wild clay and the queen are married couples and I think so I know who's the most romantic couple I think so Chad but I think so very clean Chad told me that that recording is more romantic of course we Queen is actually the romantic one the v queen
Merina Fourie
Merina Fourie 3 dagar sedan
Hi Chad Daniel needs help he is bak he want to be a spy ninja again He is in trouble Daniel grillfrend is hit metyz go and watch Daniel video pls help him and be careful Daniel nows Chad secret but he he wont tell them and they are going to hit metyz Daniel again or trap him I don't know what is going to happen with Daniel # Daniel needs help 😞
Aya Almasri
Aya Almasri 3 dagar sedan
Danie need help
Aya Almasri
Aya Almasri 3 dagar sedan
Daniel need help
Dominik Karen
Dominik Karen 3 dagar sedan
Sponj Bob wen on a date with Melvin pz9
eggs 3 dagar sedan
Daniel regina stop runing the first kiss😆😆
eggs 3 dagar sedan
I love this marriage if you divorce thats sad 😥😔😢😞😪😭
Its_boba cookie
Its_boba cookie 2 timmar sedan
Farah Torres
Farah Torres 3 dagar sedan
Daniel and Regina almost kiss wow
Justin Your mom
Justin Your mom 3 dagar sedan
I’m Zach hi everyone I’m joking about that baby boyfriend
Justin Your mom
Justin Your mom 3 dagar sedan
The lach
Lizac0 S
Lizac0 S 3 dagar sedan
Dominik Karen
Dominik Karen 3 dagar sedan
Daniel gizmo love rijina
tania tawbe
tania tawbe 3 dagar sedan
I love this video
Safia Shah
Safia Shah 4 dagar sedan
Yesenia Perez
Yesenia Perez 4 dagar sedan
Askalli Nada
Askalli Nada 4 dagar sedan
anthony menlik
anthony menlik 4 dagar sedan
so kuot
Anaya Raven
Anaya Raven 4 dagar sedan
Yes I liked it
Maddie 4 dagar sedan
Moises Quinom
Moises Quinom 4 dagar sedan
Regina is like pz funf
Royston Smith
Royston Smith 4 dagar sedan
I can sing better then Regina
Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein 4 dagar sedan
•cattyxboba2• 4 dagar sedan
lina david
lina david 4 dagar sedan
I was laughing at regina so bad that I think I couldn't breathe
Makaylah Gaddy
Makaylah Gaddy 4 dagar sedan
love you ole date
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 4 dagar sedan
Hi vy iloveyou
Lifeng Fan
Lifeng Fan 4 dagar sedan
JohnnieLin 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🏂⛷🍿🍿🍪🍪Antho y15
Dennison Peralta
Dennison Peralta 4 dagar sedan
Hi guys I need you to spying just yeah I love you guys but you were playing Roblox are you are you play the Hathorne Bubba tell your hackers buying you
Kimberly Howard
Kimberly Howard 4 dagar sedan
I'm your behest fan
Amire Gibson
Amire Gibson 4 dagar sedan
Who inspired the first kiss
Amire Gibson
Amire Gibson 4 dagar sedan
So romantic
Abryela Villarreal
Abryela Villarreal 4 dagar sedan
Berkleigh Pafford
Berkleigh Pafford 4 dagar sedan
Ayanna Aldridge
Ayanna Aldridge 4 dagar sedan
I like all of the spine and jazz even the best
Ayanna Aldridge
Ayanna Aldridge 4 dagar sedan
I love your show and try to b
Ayanna Aldridge
Ayanna Aldridge 4 dagar sedan
Forever like each other chatting me
Selyna Le
Selyna Le 5 dagar sedan
Regina your voice is so funny
Aviole Novembre
Aviole Novembre 5 dagar sedan
Kai Moffat
Kai Moffat 5 dagar sedan
welcome to all name i have and a new name Ashley
welcome to all name i have and a new name Ashley 5 dagar sedan
Awwwwwwww so cute u guys
Aviole Novembre
Aviole Novembre 5 dagar sedan
Chad VY are married wedding couples
Aviole Novembre
Aviole Novembre 5 dagar sedan
What to do if a spy Ninja
Hamza shams
Hamza shams 5 dagar sedan
When dani boy said kiss for the first time on camera that reminds me of the marriage vid they kissed
Khadeeja Gulraiz
Khadeeja Gulraiz 6 dagar sedan
Then you’re so dumb that you’re working with Halle you’re working with Ali Ali still mean everyone love you all the spam just go to Dania but all of them in spandex love you daddy will come back up then you wanna say come back then you wanna Jana you mind going to do possibly lose yeah pizza does the does the data I know what He’s not a nice boring I mean he’s a bad guy he isn’tDanielle Cohn is that we all miss you come back can you
Rachel Mikayla
Rachel Mikayla 6 dagar sedan
My favorite activity was the kamala 🐻 🧸
Brittany Ferrence
Brittany Ferrence 6 dagar sedan
Isaiahjohn Babcock
Isaiahjohn Babcock 6 dagar sedan
I don't like this by ninjas I like
Yeong Lim Ng
Yeong Lim Ng 6 dagar sedan
Varsha Bhantooa
Varsha Bhantooa 6 dagar sedan
Hazel Hall
Hazel Hall 6 dagar sedan
nice date
Elizabeth Lorenzo Carmona
Elizabeth Lorenzo Carmona 6 dagar sedan
Alexa Medina
Alexa Medina 6 dagar sedan
Max And
Kennedy Atkinson
Kennedy Atkinson 6 dagar sedan
When chad and vy where about to kiss and vy sneezed I laugh so hard
Fawad Hussein Kheil Year 10
Fawad Hussein Kheil Year 10 7 dagar sedan
Erin Kanicky
Erin Kanicky 7 dagar sedan
Aqeela Amod
Aqeela Amod 7 dagar sedan
Regina was so funny when she was singing
Aqeela Amod
Aqeela Amod 7 dagar sedan
So cute
KARIM ISKANDAR 7 dagar sedan
I am me 6
KARIM ISKANDAR 7 dagar sedan
Chad how old is Vy
Samantha Taylor
Samantha Taylor 7 dagar sedan
Chad wild clay are you fly hackers 1pz squire
Marina Zamboli
Marina Zamboli 7 dagar sedan
The koala bear
Huan Huynh
Huan Huynh 7 dagar sedan
Regina sounds like pz funf
徐杨洋, I'sasgassgsaav .
徐杨洋, I'sasgassgsaav . 7 dagar sedan
iiDripp 8 dagar sedan
Yeah but VCR a Alita
محمد رضوان
محمد رضوان 8 dagar sedan
See dan you had so much fun with the spyninjas
Firas Abed
Firas Abed 8 dagar sedan
my ninjas have a do you make a different romantic song so you can help inspire ninjas
Joaneliz Rodriguez
Joaneliz Rodriguez 8 dagar sedan
It sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
CloudyNight 8 dagar sedan
Regina & Daniel Are Perfect For Each Other And Alie (Which Isn't Even Her Name) Ruined It Like HOW DARE YOU ALIE Regina & Daniel Were Perfect For Each other! ❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️😭❤️
Jeneffer Watson
Jeneffer Watson 8 dagar sedan
Yeah I’m getting married!
Nicole Alexander
Nicole Alexander 8 dagar sedan
Keep going on the right way around here though but that's the best part in my opinion of me
Jessenia Rosales
Jessenia Rosales 8 dagar sedan
Spy ninja I like this song that you sing come back Chad
eleaza jenny kasim
eleaza jenny kasim 9 dagar sedan
Melvin song si bad sorry Melvin hahahah
fredy carmona
fredy carmona 9 dagar sedan
Chay vy
fredy carmona
fredy carmona 9 dagar sedan
Hay v
Marley Mastin
Marley Mastin 9 dagar sedan
Yes I’m going out of Zero
Crystal Horton
Crystal Horton 9 dagar sedan
I love you vy
GAMER GIRL YUMI Athena 9 dagar sedan
aw you two cute🥺❤️
phanny rang
phanny rang 9 dagar sedan
Is so Funny
Idk. Idc.
Idk. Idc. 9 dagar sedan
Poor Vy if you look carefully she was half crying when she fell in the water
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